Almond vs. Walnut ||Butter Cookies||

Walnuts are like the Karen’s of nuts. No one stops them in the hall saying “damn Karen, you’re looking super fly today.” But I’m here to tell you all that Karen just GOT HOT. I just creeped her Facebook and she is full of protein, omega-3s and less carb than her previously popular head cheerleader… Continue reading Almond vs. Walnut ||Butter Cookies||

How to Meal Prep Like a Champion

  I think an integral part of starting a healthy life is what you’re eating…no shit, SHERLOCK. Your lifestyle dictates what you put into your body and what thoughts you are thinking. Trying to be holistically healthy is not an easy task. I’m sure our ancestors didn’t worry about processed over sugared GMO food options. But we… Continue reading How to Meal Prep Like a Champion

Top Ten Food Basic Recipes

“You must be an active participant in the development of your new self. You might peel off some ugly layers but you will discover someone stronger and more resilient than you ever thought imaginable. So if you are depressed, overweight, unhappy or just STUCK I encourage you to start… don’t think about the weight number… Continue reading Top Ten Food Basic Recipes

No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls

I’m sitting here in front of my massive a$$ Mac computer (which I am still paying for) and I thought I would share this no bake chocolate protein ball recipe with you. I must warn you, now I am going to get personal~ ’cause who wants to read a blog from a perfectly manicured woman wearing… Continue reading No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls

Super Food Banana Bread

    So here we are again, I am revealing one of my success experimentations with coconut and oat flour (my two arch nemesis’). I’ve wanted to start using less white flour, but I just couldn’t find the right balance between the alternatives. So yesterday I did some research on coconut flour and found out… Continue reading Super Food Banana Bread

Healthy One Bowl Double Chocolate Cake

Confession: I am a chocolate junkie. I’ve been to rehab more times than Amy Winehouse can say “nooooo, noooo, no,” I’m surrounded by warm fuzzy memories of my mother slipping out the electric beaters metallic arm and letting me lick the chocolate batter clean off them. But the fact still remains, chocolate is not the… Continue reading Healthy One Bowl Double Chocolate Cake

Healthy Oatmeal Chicken Protein Strips

Looking for a Panko or bread crumb alternative for chicken strips? Here we are using oatmeal, coconut oil in an innovative and yes may be strange combination to recreate that crunch crunch you know and love without all the added carbs and fat! Enjoy this healthy protein snack on the go, for dinner or after… Continue reading Healthy Oatmeal Chicken Protein Strips