The Gym vs. At Home Workout

If you aren’t motivated you won’t have incentive. A lot of people go to the gym because they ‘buy into’ the idea that going to a gym makes you fit. This is just not true. If you are dedicated to your gym routine you will be fit.


How To Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is

How To Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is I heard a coworker of mine talking the other day about cooking. He was saying “I just don’t like it, so I don’t do it.” He then further explained: “some people like to make decks. I just don’t like building them so I… Continue reading How To Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is

No Excuses At Home Workout

You Want to be Fit — Again… and Again… and Again If you’re reading this perhaps you are like me you want to be healthier, happier and more energetic. So you want to start a workout routine but every time you start you begin with a 30 minute jog one night and a 15 minute… Continue reading No Excuses At Home Workout

Essential at Home Equipment

In this blog I wanted to talk about the essentials for at home workouts. I know every one likes a different workout routine. I discovered two months ago that I love lifting weights. I love the tension the push to finish and the lightness I get after doing it. Also the big muscles don’t hurt.… Continue reading Essential at Home Equipment

Let us get down to the nitty gritty of Meal Prep

I’m writing this in response to my blog post ‘Meal Prep like a Champion’. One of my followers asked me to photograph my meals and write about that. What an exciting challenge. Thanks Jess for the encouragement and motivation to write this post! In my last blog post it was more or less a summary… Continue reading Let us get down to the nitty gritty of Meal Prep

How to Meal Prep Like a Champion

  I think an integral part of starting a healthy life is what you’re eating…no shit, SHERLOCK. Your lifestyle dictates what you put into your body and what thoughts you are thinking. Trying to be holistically healthy is not an easy task. I’m sure our ancestors didn’t worry about processed over sugared GMO food options. But we… Continue reading How to Meal Prep Like a Champion

Top Ten Food Basic Recipes

“You must be an active participant in the development of your new self. You might peel off some ugly layers but you will discover someone stronger and more resilient than you ever thought imaginable. So if you are depressed, overweight, unhappy or just STUCK I encourage you to start… don’t think about the weight number… Continue reading Top Ten Food Basic Recipes