Hello, Bonjour, Konnichiwa


Hello! So I wrote and rewrote what I wanted to say for my introductions. Aren’t introductions the hardest?

I want to keep it short and simple by saying. I’m Grace; I like who I am. I like traveling, food, funny awkward moments (when people trip on the street or laugh out loud in a library), I like craft beer, instant coffee (don’t scoff!). My favourite part of traveling is seeing the way people move and interact with their environment. I guess you could say I’m a people watcher (not a people creeper 😉

I myself have been around the block, traveling to a few countries, enjoying my life. Currently, I’ve settled down in Japan and have enjoyed almost all of it (except the fact that my feet are too big, people like to stare at me, and every awkward thing I do can not be masked with a sarcastic joke, but rather a ‘gomen’nasai’, not nearly as interesting).

Thus, I am compiling my tidbits of advice pertaining to food and shopping and life in Japan. I hope I can help you avoid a small percentage of those ‘wakarimasen’ moments and hopefully make you laugh. Check out my about page for my deets.

Much Love






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