How To Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is

How To Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is

I heard a coworker of mine talking the other day about cooking. He was saying “I just don’t like it, so I don’t do it.” He then further explained: “some people like to make decks. I just don’t like building them so I don’t. I just do the things I like.”

Two reasons this conversation frustrated me. 1. No one likes to do hard work but we do it because a. we have to or b. we want the results that our hard work produces.

There are people out there who don’t want to do things they don’t like. And that’s fine. But you shouldn’t be one of them, I’ll tell you why. People who don’t do things they don’t like stay at the same job, stay with the same friends, drink the same beers and then complain about it. I don’t mean to be harsh but what separates great people (or above average people) from the norm is their ability to see the road beyond the “hard work”.

A familiar tune rings through my ears. Pre-University my whole group of friends were abuzz with what they were going to study in University. They had already found their passion or at least they tricked me into believing so. But I was more a ‘wandering’ type; traveling around, doing a liberal arts degree, enjoying my life in search of my passion.

I was listening to a podcast the other day about grit and the importance of it. It talks about how any individual can cultivate any skill as long as they practice it and have grit. You don’t necessarily have to be a born genius to be successful. So what is grit? What makes a gritty person?

Grittiness is having passion and perseverance for an especially long term goal.

As the author states you don’t have to be a genius to be successful. Many people succeed because they have a strong will and drive to do so. Where does your determination and drive come from? Greatness isn’t effortless; greatness is earned. Grit is something you accomplish on your own as opposed to something that is given to you.

So what makes a gritty person; how are they different than others? How can you become a more gritty person?


You are not given your passion on a silver platter. That’s the lie that was told to me and countless others in middle school and high school. The question was always ‘What do you want to be?’ When I think the question really should’ve been ‘Who do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to strive to be?’ The daunting and sometimes scary question is just that ‘What do you want to be?’ For those of you out there like me you’re probably sitting back and still wondering that very same question. I think the lie we need to debunk here is that there is no ULTIMATE PASSION. You will be interested in a variety of different things throughout your life, and that is OKAY! A gritty person tries many different things. Trial and error is the only way to foster your passion.


Next you need to practice and the author uses the word ‘deliberate practice’ meaning that practice becomes a part of your daily routine not just a weekend hobby. The author interviewed Rowdy Gains the 1984 Olympic gold medalist to get a better understanding of deliberate practice. Years up to the 1984 Olympics Gains swam the equivalent of around the world.

“Do you love practice?”

“If you’re asking, do I love getting up at 4 am every morning and jumping into a cold pool and swimming laps at the very edge of my physical ability, then no. But I have a passion for the whole thing.”



So How Do You Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is?

How do you even begin the journey to becoming a more gritty and in the long term successful person? Simply put, it is the determination to accomplish something. In my own opinion, setting goals and working towards them – no matter how small they are will be like your training; your practice, for when you really do find your passion. You might just surprise yourself in finding that while you are working towards your goal the whole universe will work with you as well and illuminate what your passion is to you.

These five steps are based on my own theory that I have been using these past few months and have already started to change my perspective and how I face new challenges. Hey! I even wrote this super informative blog (so that’s another thing I can tick off my ‘personal to-do list’, and yes, I have multiple goal lists!)

People who set goals and accomplish them not only feel more successful but are more successful. So as promised here is the 5 Step Template for Finding Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is’


5 Easy Steps To Setting Goals

Start off with setting a one month obtainable goal

 Set an ultimate goal (could be 1 year~5 years+)

  • accomplishing the obtainable goal will leave you with satisfaction and should help you in achieving your ultimate goal

Do some brainstorming any way you like 

  •  Set some time aside to be alone with your thoughts and be honest and practical with your goals.

Record your journey on a blog, in a journal, in a word document.

  • Tracking where you started and where you want to go will encourage you when you’re having an off day.

Let your friends and family know about your goals.

  • These are the people who will encourage you and celebrate with you when you reach your goals. If you don’t have anyone who will support you; seek out someone who will by joining a community that is geared towards your ultimate goal!

So what are my goals? I’d like to share with you my 6-week goal as well as my ultimate goal. So you can check in and see how I’ve done and keep me accountable. Also please share your goal stories and follow me on Instagram graceturner89 


Superfreakonomics: Grit



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