No Excuses At Home Workout

You Want to be Fit — Again… and Again… and Again

If you’re reading this perhaps you are like me you want to be healthier, happier and more energetic. So you want to start a workout routine but every time you start you begin with a 30 minute jog one night and a 15 minute yoga video the other. After one week and 1lb lost you feel successful. Then the next week comes around and you’re busy with work, friend commitments, a pizza party, and a girls wine and cheese night and you’ve gained 2 lbs?! Sound familiar? This was me like every year. And each year I was trying a new fad diet vegetarianism vegan, Whole30, gluten-free, dairy-free.

I’m here to tell you that those things will not make you a ‘fit’ person. Deciding to become fits means making exercise a priority. It’s just something you do everyday. Like eating breakfast it’s something you automatically do. Easier said than done. (Cue eye roll and shoulder shrug).

Stick To It

I remember when I was in University and a friend of mine was trying to quit smoking the school nurse told her:

“It only takes two weeks to physically break a habit. The hardest part is overcoming the mental one.”

So I’m here to tell you that the first two weeks will be tough if not brutal. But if you stick it out two more weeks you WILL without a shadow of a doubt see your body change – in positive ways! Yay!

Lifelong Myths Regarding Healthy Lifestyle

I always thought to get thin I shouldn’t eat anything bad: carbs, fat, alcohol, sugar etc. I thought if I jogged a few times a week I would get that slender “swimsuit” model body I always dreamed of. But when I did these things I never saw any results. I was just hungry and sweaty and still overweight. Not a happy picture, folks.

So I’m here to tell you that jogging and eating nothing will not make you any happier, healthier or more energetic. Actually it will do the opposite. Because when you do cardio you are losing carbs (energy) and that’s great in moderation but add a high cardio workout with eating less and you will basically lose your muscle and (yes pounds) but you will be a term a lot of people dub ‘skinny fat‘. I’m not here to slander cardio junkies ~ do what you like but I think if you really want to be ‘fit‘ you have to mix some type of muscle building exercises.

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

How do I gain muscle and lose fat? How do I workout? How do I know if I’m doing the right workout for my goals?

The answer can be simple but also intricate. Simply put, if you workout five-six days a week for 30-60 mins and eat a basically healthy and natural diet you will lose weight.

But just like the first few weeks at your new job where you were constantly asking questions, making mistakes and feeling quite obtuse around the “lifers” so to it will be like your first few weeks of intentional exercise. But if you’re a good employee, you listened while others taught, you corrected your mistakes and you put all your energy into doing a good job. Working out is the same. Becoming fit will not happen overnight and it will take a lot of sacrifice and trust me “tantrums” and a sorted great many “I can’t” “I’m exhausted” “NOT ONE MORE PUSH-UP’S”, but these are all necessary. It’s the refinement in the fire — it is the journey that creates the results you want.

Now here comes the intricate answer. Finding something you love is essential to creating longevity in your workouts. If you have no goal you will never see the positive progress you are making. If you have a clear goal or even a vague one it will help tremendously.

I knew I didn’t like cardio and I fell in love with lifting weights. I just love it. But other people don’t. So find out what you like and experiment. Once you can perform a few basic workouts you will gain confidence and with each day you will see yourself progress. And remember it’s a process. Just be patient with yourself and always find grace for your mistakes.

So let’s talk about my exercise routine. I got the template for most of my workout from Carly Rowena’s blog. Check her out here:

But I wrote it down forever ago and couldn’t find the specific video. But she gets 90% credit for this. The rest is adjusted to my preferences. I suggest you do the same! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. And of course follow me on Instagram @graceturner89.




Jump Rope and Cardio with Weights

I love to jump rope. I started off easy doing about 5-10 minutes of jump rope with reps being 50 jumps x 10. As time went on I could add 100 reps x 10 with faster speed and variations of how I jump.

For days that I do not jump rope I do a 15 minute cardio video with weights.

Tip: I do jump rope about 3x a week, cardio with weights 2x a week and a steady set run 1x a week as my warm-up.

30 Minutes of Strength Training

If you’re not big into lifting weights you can limit the reps and duration but try to start with 15 minutes and build up as you feel comfortable and as your body adjusts. Make sure you got that muscle relaxer handy!!

8 Minute Abs

So if you are a woman with a muffin top than you know how hard it is to get rid of that muffin top. I carry a lot of my weight in my stomach (Uggh, thanks German Grandma and salami sandwiches!) So since it is an area that needs extra work I tag it along at the end of my workouts. I do four minutes of the ab cruncher and 10 crunches x 3 (for the mathematically challenged that’s 30 crunches!)


No Excuse At Home Workout


Legs and Butt

  • 15 minute jump rope
  • 12 squats (heavier weight the better) 5~20 kg x 3
  • 24 weighted lunges x 3
  • 12 weighted bridge raises x 3
  • 24 weighted steps x 3

Chest and Biceps

  • 15 minute cardio
  • 15 press ups x 3
  • 10 weighted chest fly x 3
  • 24 walking plank x 3

Back and Triceps

  • 10 x 100 skips / 15 burpees
  • 10 weighted dumbbell deadlift x 3
  • 12 bent over row x 3
  • 15 single arm row x 3
  • 15 tricep dips x 3

Shoulders and Core

  • 20 minute steady state run
  • 12 weighted shoulder press x 3
  • 10 weighted dumbbell clean and press x 3
  • 60 hillclimbers
  • 60 Russian Twists
  • 30 side crunches (each side)
  • 1 minute plank


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