Essential at Home Equipment

In this blog I wanted to talk about the essentials for at home workouts.

I know every one likes a different workout routine. I discovered two months ago that I love lifting weights. I love the tension the push to finish and the lightness I get after doing it. Also the big muscles don’t hurt. With that said, my boyfriend likes a more calisthenics approach to fitness. So although we both have different interests we can still utilise the same equipment.

If you have already decided that working out at home is for you then continue reading, if you still haven’t decided which one you prefer, please refer to my ‘Why I Quit the Gym and Got Fitter’ article which outlines the pros and cons of gym and at home workouts.

So without further adieu here they are!


1. Jump Rope (leather)

  • Jumping Rope has been proven to improve balance, decrease stress, and burn more calories plus it’s fun!

2. Dumbbell

  • If you look closely at the photo the sides have groves where the weights can be put on and taken off.
  • Very versatile, the dumbbell can grow with you. As you increase your strength you can add heavier weights without having to purchase more equipment.

3. Different Sized Weights

  • I started off with lighter weights (about 6 lbs each weight) and after a month I bought heavier ones (about 11 lbs each weight)

4. Yoga Mat

  • Great to do any exercise: cardio, yoga, crunches, etc.

5. Hand Held Weights

  • If you’re not into heavy lifting you can add light weights to your cardio and calisthenic workouts!

6. Table

  • Great for tricep dips or other exercises where you have to lean against something!

7. Something sturdy you can step on. (chair, table, box, stool, bench)

  • a bench is ideal (especially for lifting weights) but there are a lot of other exercises where you need to step up and down. I use a thick wooden table (coffee table) with a yoga mat on top!

8. Ab Cruncher (totally optional!)

  • Pretty self explanatory. I use it at the end of my workout because I want ABS! Who doesn’t want ABS!


Total Estimated Price:

  • Jump Rope = $15
  • Dumbbell = $40
  • Different Sized Weights = $50
  • Yoga Mat = $10
  • Hand Held Weights = $10

Total Price: $125


If you’re curious as to how to use some of these basic equipment pieces please read the next article about my ‘No Excuses At Home Workout’. There I will outline a basic template that you can use to get started in your fitness journey!





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