How to Meal Prep Like a Champion


I think an integral part of starting a healthy life is what you’re eating…no shit, SHERLOCK.

Your lifestyle dictates what you put into your body and what thoughts you are thinking. Trying to be holistically healthy is not an easy task. I’m sure our ancestors didn’t worry about processed over sugared GMO food options. But we have to. So how does one navigate in this overly stimulated information age? I do not hold the answers, but I can tell you that I know what I was doing wrong before…. MEAL PREP. Meal Prep is such an integral pre-step to getting your health on track.


Meal Prep Photo 1

“You must be an active participant in the development of your new self. You might peel off some ugly layers but you will discover someone stronger and more resilient than you ever thought imaginable. So if you are depressed, overweight, unhappy or just STUCK I encourage you to start… don’t think about the weight number or the end of the ‘health streak’ think of it as reinventing yourself.”

Stop making excuses as to why you can’t be that skateboarder, boxer, biker, gymnastic, strength trainer, artist, teacher, figure skater, horse back rider that you want(ed) to be… You can create who you want to be.

So let’s start this prepping together. I’ll hold you hand… I promise.





Prep That Kitchen, yo!

  • To become a meal prep guru you must first prep your kitchen. Could I say ‘prep’ any more times??
  • Buy lots of different sized food containers. My personal fav’s are glass bottomed ones with plastic sealable lids. So AWESOME.
  • Clean out your fridge of all unnecessary items. And yes, that sweet chilli sauce that’s been sitting there for… uh… how long, again? is one of those that needs to be CHUCKED.


Become A Crazy List Lady (with me)!

  • Buy a small white board or magnetized notepad and stick that bad boy on your fridge. He is going to be your new best friend.
  • Use this whiteboard everyday for writing down the ‘essential’ things you need.
  • Also write down those random things you run out of during the course of a week. (i.e. garlic, sesame oil, dish soap, eggs) Since it’s on the fridge it will act as a constant reminder.
  • Then when you’ve purchased that item you can wipe it clean. OH the SATISFACTION. ((told you, I AM crazy))


Learn a Few Basic Recipes

  • If you know how to make a recipe you can do it WAY WAY WAY faster than if you are learning something new. Of course, we all have to start somewhere but if you’re new to the meal prepping gang start off easy with the recipes you know, throwing in a new one to try when you have time!
  • I like to use a slow cooker or marinade a few different batches of chicken at night. That way my food is ready to be cooked or stored in the morning!


Learn How to Use the Force

  • The force in this instance is the world wide web.
  • Don’t go crazy bookmarking/pinteresting every delicious recipe you see. Bookmark a few recipes so that you can easily find them again without having to rack your brain for that exact phrase you googled the last time ‘healthy easy chicken curry recipe’ or was it ‘easy yellow chicken breast curry recipe’ or ‘the simplest curry chicken recipe ever’…. the list could go on and on.
  • Check out the Blog Post for my Top Ten Basic Recipes:



  • Don’t buy frozen, but you should def freeze.
  • Freeze your favourite weekend meals, delicious desserts (that you don’t want to over eat), banana’s on sale, shredded cheese, spaghetti sauce. You name it… you can probably freeze it.
  • I love to have frozen banana’s on hand for smoothies.



Change Your Worldview

  • You need to change your meal prepping worldview!
  • If you think of meal prepping as a chore it will be just that — A MASSIVE PAIN IN YOUR A$$.
  • So do what all the contemporary psychologists say and change your subconscious. If you think of meal prepping as something enjoyable, something that will give and sustain your life in a healthy way, you will begin to see your worldview change.
  • Put on your favourite CD, Podcast, YouTube channel or Netflix show while you’re cooking, this way you can trick your brain into thinking it is doing something enjoyable (thank goodness that $100,000 psychology degree was not ‘all for naught’).


Golden Rule

Always stay one or two days ahead of yourself.

Cook a few meals on Sunday night and then Monday you can relax. Tuesday night/morning prep three more days. Then Saturday- do what you want. It’s the FREAKIN’ WEEKEND!

Meal Prep Photo 3

It gives me excitement to make something new and have little snacks and a great lunch to keep me motivated. But just like most things, it is hard at first but it does get easier – except for mathematics… that one I will never figure out.


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