No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls

I’m sitting here in front of my massive a$$ Mac computer (which I am still paying for) and I thought I would share this no bake chocolate protein ball recipe with you.

I must warn you, now I am going to get personal~ ’cause who wants to read a blog from a perfectly manicured woman wearing her Marc Jacobs handbag and 100,000 dollar renovated state of the art kitchen. So if you’re here just for the recipe. Feel free to scroll, I won’t be offended.

Since my boyfriend and I started working out and eating healthier. We have both been on a pretty strict diet eating only lean chicken or white fish/squid for about two months now. We also work out six days a week for about 1 hour. My boyfriend’s before and after pictures are more drastic, but just you wait another month and I will be right up there with him!

If you are in a workout rut or you’ve never really worked out before I must say that it is truly addictive once you start. I think the first goal is to find something that you enjoy doing. For me it was yoga, cardio and eventually strength training. For my boyfriend it was calisthenics, Muay Thai and boxing. We started jumping rope after work together. I remember three months ago, I could barely jump for 25 consecutive jumps. Now I can do 100 consecutive jumps times 10! After we eliminated some bad eating habits such as: eating late at night and eating too many sugar filled carbs (white rice, white bread, crackers) and red meat we began to see the changes in our attitudes, energy levels and overall well-being. We now had a shared hobby and passion. We are more goal driven and we fight less and work together more – sharing food tips, workout ideas and more.

My boyfriend Chen and I discussed why we never were able to achieve our health goals in the past. Most of the time we make excuses ‘I will never look like her/him’ ‘I just do what I want, eat what I want’ ‘I can’t do it’ ‘I’m too tired’. How many times have we all started some diet or exercise regime and given it up after two weeks? It is fear that holds us back, not only in our health goals but also in our personal, spiritual, career and interpersonal relationships. When Chen and I took our first weight loss video (pictured on my left Before shot) we wanted to document and state the reasons why we wanted to loose weight. We both had our reasons – but it wasn’t until I saw that video that I really saw my body and saw that it was unhealthy and that I was not happy with myself. We both pushed and we both work our a$$e$ off everyday. But it is all worth it because I feel like this is the body I was meant to have and when you feel strong on the outside you feel strong on the inside.

Oh yah, btw here comes the recipe. These protein balls are soft and gooey on the inside and crunchy and sweet on the outside. Seriously the next best thing since Google.








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No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls

  • Servings: 12
  • Difficulty: easy
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High in protein, low in fat these chocolate protein balls will have you screaming MORE MORE. Sooo guilt-free and easy to make. Who said life couldn't be easy!

No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls


-1 cup protein powder

-1/4 cup coconut flour

-3 tbsp raisins (choice of dried fruit)

-1 tbsp cinnamon

-1 tbsp chia seeds

-1/4 tsp salt

-1 tsp vanilla

-1/2 cup almond butter

-1/4 cup soy milk (any kind OK!)

-1/4 cup 70% chocolate (any kind OK!)


  1. Get yourself a big bowl.
  2. Before you start put a cookie sheet or cutting board down and line it with plastic wrap. This will be your base for your balls.
  3. Measure out the protein powder and coconut flour.
  4. Add the raisins (or your choice of dried fruit), chia seeds, cinnamon, salt and mix.
  5. Now add the vanilla and almond butter and kind of mix. At this stage the batter will look really weird and clumpy. Try to mix the almond butter until the clumps are small.
  6. This stage is MOST IMPORTANT. TOP PRIORITY. If you mess this up you will have to add more dry ingredients to be able to form the batter into balls.
  7. Pour the soy milk very slowly into the bowl. Begin mixing with a spoon or your hands. When the batter begins to form a solid ball stop pouring the milk. You may need more than 1/4 cup or less. So use your judgement. If you use too much liquid you can slowly add more coconut flour to make it mouldable later.
  8. Now if you listened to me you should be able to form the batter into small 1 inch size balls. I like to use my hands.
  9. Now shape all the batter into balls and heat up your chocolate in the microwave for about a minute. Or until melted. duh!
  10. Now use some tongs and dip each ball into the chocolate, you can roll it all around in that chocolate.
  11. Now refrigerate for up to one week. But trust me. These bad boys will not last more than two days. Oh… it is so sinfully good.

Notes: If you don’t have enough chocolate then heat up some more. If you are really health conscious then you can dip half the ball into the chocolate and leave the other half NAKED!!! So it’s up to you really how you want to make it. Just remember to have fun and make it your own. But if you do change this recipe please put a link to my blog. That way you are not stealing my intellectual property. ok?! Thanks.






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